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Brick House B&B Earns Certificate

It’s great when a hotel receives a 5-star rating.  I only assume it’s a more challenging for a B&B to receive the same.  Here’s a PR piece on one such recipient.

Brick House Bed & Breakfast Awarded 5-Star Certificate

Westfield, NY, August 31, 2011 — Brick House Bed & Breakfast has been awarded the 5-star Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor for Business. Now in its sixth year, Brick House B&B retains its number one ranking for B&Bs in the area. “Earning the 5-star certificate shows our commitment to our on-going guest satisfaction and value,” says Randy DeVaul, owner of Brick House.

“We’re grateful for the recognition and appreciate our gracious guests, but we also know this award is not earned in a vacuum,” states DeVaul. “We share in the total experience of our guests.” That guest experience includes the interaction with the people and businesses in the community, as well. “We can send guests to restaurants where we know they will get great food and visit wineries where they can engage with personable hosts.” Add the museums, art trail, antiques, live performances and other festivals and events, guests interact with the whole community during their stay. All of that energy and experience goes toward ensuring guests enjoy their stay and feel welcome.

“We appreciate everyone who has a part in our guests feeling welcome and at home,” states DeVaul. “Westfield is a great community – rich in history and rich in hospitality.”

Brick House Bed & Breakfast is open year round. With five guest rooms and private baths and the ‘extras’ provided by the owners, the ‘return guest’ list continues to grow. And, there have been guests from 47 states and 14 countries. DeVaul’s goal is to have guests from all 50 states and more international visits. To keep it honest and qualify as a visiting state or country, the guest book must be signed by a current resident of that place, not from guests who may have lived there in times past.

For more information on Brick House Bed & Breakfast, visit www.brickhousebnb.com.


Prospecting Is Like Eating Brussels Sprouts

As a kid I remember racing to the dinner table one evening hungry enough to eat a horse but my ravenous appetite quickly went south when I caught a whiff of what I considered to be the nastiest vegetable known to man…Brussels sprouts.

My head twitched, my nose wrinkled, and my lips curled as my mother rolled her eyes and said…”Eat yah vegetables Twome if you wanna grow up to big and strong like yah fatha.”

My father, a handsome and very successful executive, took one look at my pale and pouty face and said…”You know son, prospecting is a lot like eating Brussels sprouts. They don’t necessarily smell good but they’re good for you.”

Prospecting for new clients is a necessary function of the sales process so before you turn your nose up to prospecting and decide to dig in you’ll want to make some assessments and creat a game plan to make sure that your initial call will be a quality contact and not “dialing for dollars”.

Here are some thoughts and strategies that will help you to become more successful at prospecting.

Assess your current situation and ask yourself the following questions;

  1. What is my territory or market segment?
  2. Is my brand easily recognized by my prospective customer?
  3. Who is my competitive set and how are they selling against my brand/product/services?
  4. Am I experienced and successful at prospecting?  What are my strengths/weaknesses?
  5. Do I continually have enough leads to generate business or do I have to supplement leads with additional prospecting?
  6. How much time do I have to devote to prospecting and can I commit to the process long-term?
  7. What are my sales goals?  Are these numbers realistic and achievable?

Prospecting Strategies

  1. Seek out a mentor who is successful and holds to the same high standards that you do.
  2. There’s gold in your backyard.  Start digging near your office first.
  3. Ask your existing customers for a testimonial or to refer you to other prospective customers.
  4. When networking be a good listener, ask open-ended questions, and get a business card.
  5. Qualify your prospect ranging from a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best) and don’t pursue those that fall below 7.
  6. Create a script that gets you past the gate keeper and in touch with someone who writes the check.
  7. Resist selling on the first call.  It’s an opportunity to get to know your prospect and to identify if your product or services meets his needs.
  8. If there is light at the end of your call do whatever it takes to arrange an appointment before you hang up.
  9. Don’t bad mouth your competitive set but be ready to share why your company/products/services are better.
  10. Don’t end your day with a prospect that says “No”.
  11. Oh, and eat your Brussels sprouts.

Here are some links and resources to help you with your prospecting.

Tom Costello is the CEO, Partner & Co-Founder of Groups International, a company that provides marketing, consultative services, and technology solutions to the group and leisure travel markets.  Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter or contact him by email.

Check The Buzz About Hotelmine

There’s a lot happening since the recent launch of the Hotelmine.com website this past week.  Thanks to all of the hotels that are participating and we look forward to adding more hotels this week.

Tom Costello is the CEO, Partner & Co-Founder of Groups International, a company that provides marketing, consultative services, and technology solutions to the group and leisure travel markets.  Connect with him on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook or contact him by email.