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Groupon Deals Not As Big Of A Deal As Advertised

Are Groupon Getaway deals something you won’t find anywhere or are they just not that big of a deal at all?

USA Today conducted some comparison shopping of Groupon’s deals and found it wasn’t difficult to find similar levels of savings at other travel sources. Some hotels that were featured on Groupon last week were featuring similar discounts on their own websites.

For example, Groupon claims its $89 voucher for a weeknight stay at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, a deal introduced on the launch day, is 55% cheaper than you’d get elsewhere. But the Palms was also selling an $89 promotion on its own website.

Last week, Groupon was also selling a $298 voucher that includes a night at The Standard hotel in Miami Beach and $150 in spa credit. The hotel’s website offered the same room and $35 in spa credit for $239 last week. Comparatively, Groupon’s offer is cheaper, but it’s not close to the 50% discount that it claims.

Cons: Deals often aren’t as deeply discounted as advertised. Customers must call hotels to reserve room.

Takeaway: Another option for customers. Shop around.

Tom Costello is the CEO, Partner & Co-Founder of Groups International, a company that provides marketing, consultative services, and technology solutions to the group and leisure travel markets.  Connect with him on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook or contact him by email.

Top Brands That Provide Best Rate Guarantees

You do your homework when searching online for the best hotel rate possible don’t you?  Then why wouldn’t you ask the hotel to provide the best guaranteed rate?

Here are some of the top brands that you’ll find on Hotelmine and yes, they guarantee the best rate.  Just ask them right before your book direct!

Hyatt http://bit.ly/90cCZ4

Marriott http://bit.ly/i6s6ME

InterContinental Hotels Group http://bit.ly/gmZr2z

Hilton http://bit.ly/hzgyLd

Starwood http://bit.ly/7AusV

Best Western http://bit.ly/bJYCgr


7 Tips To Save At Any Hotel

There are plenty of other ways to save, regardless of your destination or negotiating skills:

  1. Go in the off-season. If you have control over your travel dates, this is one of the best and most powerful ways to save. Off-season dates can vary from hotel to hotel, so you may want to call and ask.
  2. Check promotions. This might also require some flexibility in travel dates, but it never hurts to look before you book. Check a site like Hotelmine.com for special rates, Deals of the Week, Last Minute Deals, Packages, and Hot Dates & Rates.  When you sign up as a Member hotels can send you special promotions that aren’t available on other websites.
  3. Book early. If your travel dates aren’t flexible, book as soon as you know what they are. If it’s an annual trip, for example, there’s no reason you can’t reserve months in advance while occupancy — and prices — are lower.
  4. Compare weekdays with weekends. Tourist-oriented hotels tend to charge more on the weekends because that’s when they get more customers. Hotels that target local businesses and events tend to charge more midweek for the same reason.
  5. Comparison shop. A bit of research can make competition work in your favor. Know what competitor rates are, and what amenities are included so you don’t get hit with fees for Internet, breakfast and other services.
  6. Join the club. If you’re a frequent traveler or typically stay in the same chain of hotels, sign up for rewards programs.
  7. Look farther away. While it’s nice to stay at the hotel that’s hosting the event you’re attending or is just a block away, that convenience comes at a cost. Everybody’s going to book the closest spots first, so widen the radius of your search to find hotels a little more desperate for your business.


Check The Buzz About Hotelmine

There’s a lot happening since the recent launch of the Hotelmine.com website this past week.  Thanks to all of the hotels that are participating and we look forward to adding more hotels this week.

Tom Costello is the CEO, Partner & Co-Founder of Groups International, a company that provides marketing, consultative services, and technology solutions to the group and leisure travel markets.  Connect with him on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook or contact him by email.

Groups International Set To Soft Launch Travel Startup Hotelmine.com™ February 14, 2011

Hotelmine lowers a hotel’s distribution and conversion costs and provides greater transparency and choice for the consumer

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 – HOUSTON, TX—Groups International has announced that on February 14, 2011 it will soft launch Hotelmine.com, a new leisure travel site that serves as a “direct connect” between hotels and consumers who are ready to travel. 

“Hotels have been successful in offering consumers the ability to purchase guest rooms, special promotions, and packages through their websites,” said Chris Wenz, Partner and Co-Founder of Groups International, “but don’t have the same latitude with indirect distribution channels like an online travel agency (OTA) or the Global Distribution Systems (GDS).” What makes Hotelmine different is that it is designed to facilitate the same product offerings and the consumer books direct with the hotel through the hotel’s booking channels.

“We’ve gathered input from hundreds of hoteliers over the past two years and based upon their feedback we created a platform that allows hotels to market and sell products the way they want to sell them in a transparent environment where consumers can make an informed decision about which hotel best suites their budget or tastes,” said Wenz.  “This is a win-win for both hotels and consumers.”

Pre-registration is currently underway and hotels who would like to participate in the program can forward their contact information to info@hotelmine.com in order to receive registration instructions.

About Groups International

Based in Houston, Texas, Groups International provides services and technology solutions to the group and leisure travel markets and is the parent company to iGroupManagement™, iGroupHotels™, iGroupMeetings™, iGroupAdvisor™, iGroupPlanner™, and Hotelmine™.

If you would like additional information regarding Groups International and Hotelmine or you would like to schedule an interview with Chris Wenz, please contact him at the following email address:


Chris Wenz

COO, Partner & Co-Founder

Groups International