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Gas Station "Restrooms" Are Sometimes More Impressive Than A Hotel Bathroom

The Capitol has men's and women's restrooms and not bathrooms

I’ve been yearning for a brief respite from all of this debt ceiling debate.  Don’t get me wrong I love to see President Obama, John Boehner, and Harry Reid squirm and posture themselves to the benefit of their constituents (not me) but that’s a discussion for another time.

Thank goodness I can feel some sort of “relief” that USA Today posted some of the finalists for “Americas Best Bathrooms” in today’s “Hotel Check-in“.  The article goes on to pose this thought-provoking “call-to-action” by asking the question “Have you been particularly impressed by a beautiful hotel bathroom lately?”

I don’t necessarily know how to answer that question correctly.  One a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, is “impressed” an 8 or 9?  I imagine replacing “impressed” with “blown away” would be a 10.  Is that safe to assume?

When I am on the road and I use a gas station’s restroom I would say that “impressed” is a 10 and there aren’t too many gas station restrooms that I am “impressed” with.  I can see you nodding in agreement right now.  If you have every been to a Buc-ee’s then you’ll know what impressed is.  So there needs to be some sort of scoring adjustment made between a hotel bathroom and a gas station restroom.

If you don’t believe me then take a look at the testimonial section of Buc-ee’s website.  You’ll notice that customers refer to their “facilities” as both rest and bath rooms.  I’m OK with that.  I didn’t come up with the idea so we’ll let it rest.

Well maybe not.  Which leads me to the question..why do they call a restroom a bathroom when you can’t take a bath in that room and a restroom a restroom when you can’t take a nap in that room?  Maybe those rooms should be called a “necessary” room or something like that?

Have you been impressed by a beautiful gas station necessary room lately?

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Hotelmine Travel Planner – San Antonio Texas

San Antonio tourists are charmed by the city’s Southwest flavor and rich Tejano culture and San Antonio is quite possibly Texas’s most beautiful and atmospheric city, so it’s no wonder it’s the state’s number-one tourist destination. According to the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, the city receives approximately 26 million visitors per year.

Remember the Alamo? It’s here, sitting in a plaza right downtown, so you can easily walk to it from your hotel. But while most visitors check out this famous symbol of Texas liberty when they come to town, the historic mission is by no means the only reason to visit San Antonio.

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In fact, the heart of the visitor area is the Paseo del Rio—the River Walk—a festive, almost magical place that winds through downtown at 20 feet below street level. Nestled in by tall buildings and cypress trees, and tucked away from the noise of traffic above, the River Walk draws crowds to its high-rise and boutique hotels, specialty shops, and plethora of restaurants with alfresco dining.

San Antonio Museum of Art

The San Antonio Museum of Art is housed in the Lone Star Brewery building, which was built in 1884. The museum’s American collection features art from the Colonial Period through the early 20th century. The comprehensive contemporary collection showcases work by abstract artists such as Hans Hofmann, Helen Frankenthaler and Frank Stella. The museum also features Asian art and antiquities from the Greek and Roman eras, among many other collections. San Antonio Museum of Art 200 W. Jones Ave. San Antonio, TX.

The Alamo

The Alamo was the site of one of the Texas Revolution’s most important battles in 1836. To mark the spot where 189 Texan defenders died at the hands of Mexican General Santa Anna’s army, the Mission San Antonio de Valero, or the Alamo, was established in 1718. The site’s Long Barracks Museum and Library features Republic of Texas artifacts and a narrated tour. Meander the Alamo’s green landscaped grounds any day of the year except for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Admission to the Alamo is free. The Alamo 300 Alamo Plaza San Antonio, TX.

Majestic Theatre

Recognized as one of the most ornate facilities in the country, the Majestic has long held a special place in the archives of Texas theatrical and architectural history. Located at 224 E. Houston Street in the heart of downtown San Antonio, the Majestic was designed and built in 1929 by John Eberson for Karl Hoblitzelle’s Interstate Theatres, and stood proudly for many years as the largest theatre in Texas and the second largest motion picture theatre in the country. It was intended to be the most modern and ornate building in South Texas – complete with new sound and projection equipment – and was the first theatre in the state to be totally air-conditioned.

La Villita

Located on the south bank of the San Antonio River, La Villita was San Antonio’s first neighborhood. It was originally a settlement of primitive huts for the Spanish soldiers stationed at the Mission San Antonio Valero (the Alamo). After a flood in 1819, brick, stone and adobe houses replaced the earlier structures. In 1836, La Villita was the site of General Santa Ana’s cannon line in the Battle of the Alamo and a map from early that year showed the village to be of considerable size. 

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