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Seattle's Public Market

Seattle is defined by water and mountains. Lake Washington lies to the east, Elliott Bay and Puget Sound, an arm of the Pacific Ocean, lie to the west, the Duwamish River empties into the bay from the south, and the Lake Washington Ship Canal bisects the city.

The city’s attraction lies not only in the stunning views from the top of the Space Needle, but also in the surrounding natural landscape.

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Hotelmine Travel Planner – Explore Seattle both above and underground

When you think of Seattle, you probably think rain, Space Needle, fish market and coffee. But Seattle is one of the few American cities in which you can explore its history both above and under ground.

If you’re planning your next vacation to the northern West Coast, don’t miss out on the fascinating stories of Seattle that haven’t seen the light of day since the 1800s.

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When the city was first established, a large fire destroyed most of the downtown. The city leaders made two rules:

1. All new buildings would be made of brick or concrete.

2: All new structures including city streets, would be built a story higher; the entire area is under sea level and had frequently flooded in the past.

A great rebuild happened, with businesses rebuilding at minimum two-story structures. The first level was designed to be a basement, and the second story the decorative front entrance to the business. Once the buildings were ready, the city came in and raised the street level up one story, installing ladders and sidewalks underground so the businesses that survived the fire and couldn’t add a second story could remain on the lower level.

The entire underground area was condemned in the early 1900s and almost forgotten, but tourists can catch Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour now to see some of the restored buildings. Visit Underground Tour for more information.

Here are some hotels in Seattle for you to consider.