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Hotelmine City Guide Contest

We have an idea that we want to get your feedback on so we can put the wheels in motion.  If you’re not inspired to contribute then maybe you can pass this along to a friend who might come up with a fresh perspective.

What we want to do is to have a Hotelmine Member who lives in a designated city, say Denver, volunteer to become our city guide in that city.  The city guide will share his/her insight about hotels, restaurants, nightlife, area attractions and other special events in their city that will help a fellow Member get a better handle on that city before he hits the road and travels there.

It’s not that we don’t trust sites like TripAdvisor but for right now we’d like to generate some Peer 2 Peer interaction between our Members.

The city guide must be a Hotelmine Member and live in one of the following cities; New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, Orlando, Anaheim, San Francisco, Chicago, San Antonio, San Diego, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Nashville, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Miami.  After we get city guides in these cities we can expand this concept to include other cities of interest.

City guides don’t have to have a film crew or high-tech equipment to produce their own show. What’s most important is that they can generate unbiased and reliable information and are able to share that with their fellow Members on a consistent basis.

There will be some “production” guidelines that guides will follow so we’ll provide that soon.

We think it would be fun to have a prospective city guide send us a short video clip telling us what they know about their city and why they should be considered as a Hotelmine City Guide.   Videos can be sent to and we’ll post the clips on the Hotelmine channel on YouTube where Members can vote on who they want as their guide.

The Hotelmine City Guide contest officially begins on Monday, February 14th.


Tom & Chris


P.S. We forgot to mention that this is not a solicitation for employees and there is no pay associated with this deal so please note that you have been duly advised.