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Hotelmine Travel Planner – Fiji the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’

Fiji is a tourist destination that has something for everyone. Fiji is not just about simply sightseeing, but more about an adventure into discovering all the islands have to offer. High on most visitors’ list is scuba diving. The islands are known for their famous coral reefs and are referred to as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World”. Divers take delight in over 1000 species of beautiful fish as well as hundreds of different sponges and coral. When it comes to diving, Fiji and it’s hundreds of islands has it all.

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Adventure tripping in Fiji is an amazing journey. Backpackers worldwide come to Fiji to explore the 300 plus islands. The islands are sure to please any nature lover who wants to explore pristine beaches, go skydiving, kayaking or just hitting the surf. Fiji is well suited for backpackers and there are many group opportunities available.

Fiji is known for being a home to those who want an eco-friendly vacation. In 2002 it hosted the World Eco-Challenge, an adventure race that goes through jungles, limestone diffs to tropical beaches. Mountain biking on rugged trails is sure to please anyone who wants a rugged outdoor vacation.

A great adventure in Fiji is river rafting. Here the rafts are bamboo and it gives the rafter a completely different experience than what they are used to. Besides the thrill of rafting, it’s a great way to explore the islands and take in all the flora and fauna that is specific to this area.

Deep sea fishing is an amazing adventure as these islands are one of the few areas where fishing in an unspoiled area is still possible. A day marlin fishing is not something anyone will soon forget.

Orchid Island is the cultural center for the islands and it’s where you’ll see a miniature display of the islands that has been built to scale. For first time visitors this is definitely and exciting place and it’s an education for those who travel with children.

Attending a Meke is truly an exciting experience. It is a program of traditional dances and songs with each province having their own dance routine. You’ll find all the performers in traditional garb of printed bark cloth with accessories that have been woven from leaves and flowers.

Fire walking is a truly spectacular sight and most of the hotels on the islands of Viti Levu or Beqa will have a performance during your stay. It is believed that these islands are where this ability was first given to the Indians. It’s performed by native Indians and is a Hindu religious observance.

Some hotels will even combine a Lovo with the fire walking. A Lovo is a feast where your food is wrapped with banana leaves and then slowly cooked in an earth oven. There will be smoldering stones in the oven when then helps to give the food a smoky flavor. Meats, fish and vegetables are put in the oven, with many of the dishes being prepared using coconut milk. A whole pig will be the centerpiece of any Lovo.

A great outing for any visitor is to visit Nadi and visit one of the many marketplaces. You’ll find yaqona stalls, see local culture and be able to spend time buying souvenirs from the local artisans.

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