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Hotemine Travel Planner – Costa Rica's Pacific Coast – Part 1

Costa Rica is Spanish for ”rich coast”. As such, one can expect to find this place to be the ideal tropical paradise. 

Costa Rica has bewilderingly diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna. From rain forests, to dry tropical and temperate forests, to volcanoes, to Caribbean and Pacific beaches, to high mountains, and marshy lowlands.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular destinations for eco-tourists because of its biodiversity. It has been stated in various places that Costa Rica may contain as much as 6% of the world’s plant and animal species in an area the combined size of the U.S. states of Vermont and New Hampshire. Both tropical plant and animal species abound in Costa Rica.

In this edition of Hotelmine Travel Planner we’ll cover a trip to the Cental Pacific Coast and make stops at various towns along the coastline.  If you plan to spend most of your time on the Pacific Coast make sure you have selected the airport in San Jose and not Guanacaste.

If you elect to drive to the coast you should consider renting a 4X4 and there are plenty to choose from at Budget, Dollar, Avis, etc.  We’ve arranged to pick up a Jeep because we will be spending a lot of time off-roading during our trip.

Our first stop heading west out of San Jose is Jaco. From San Jose, you’ll take the Pan-American Highway past the Juan Santamaria Airport in Alujuela and exit off the highway onto what is called the “old road” to Jaco. This ride will take you through the mountains and down to the coast. Be wary of the pot holes as finding assistants for something as simple as a flat-tire may not be easy. From San Jose, Jaco is about 68 miles. The roads are not known to be safe or, by and stretch, an “easy” drive and may take you two to three hours to make the drive.  Be patient and alert!

We arrived in Jaco without incident and this afternoon we check in to hotel Villa Caletas, a small luxury boutique hotel that is perched on a mountain top 1,200 feet above the Pacific Ocean.  You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer boutique property on the coast and one that will remind you of other coastal gems that you’ve may have experienced in Italy or Greece because of its’ Neo Classical influence.  Consider booking a Master Suite.  Take this virtual tour of the this room type and see for yourself.

Tonight we’ll just unwind, enjoy the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and have a relaxing dinner at the Anfiteatro Restaurant.

The adventure begins bright and early tomorrow.  Stay tuned!