Travel & Leisure Report – America's Dirtiest Cities

Bourbon Street Trash

What makes a city dirty?  What criterion is used to suggest that X city is dirtier than Y city?

Of course, visitors gauge “dirty” in a variety of ways: litter, air pollution, even the taste of local tap water.

This year’s American State Litter Scorecard, published by advocacy group the American Society for Public Administration, put both Nevada and Louisiana in the bottom five—echoing the assessment of T+L readers who ranked Las Vegas and New Orleans among America’s dirtiest cities.

Here are your American Dirtiest Cities (think of Ryan Sechrist delivering this to millions of TV viewers)

  1. New Orleans (I love the smell of chlorine bleach that flows in the gutters on Bourbon Street)
  2. Filthadephia (It is pretty filthy)
  3. LA (rightfully so)
  4. Memphis (yes)
  5. NYC – ranked #1 as the most popular tourist destination (I think Chicago and New York should be switched)
  6. Baltimore
  7. Vegas Baby – ranked #2…(I can’t stand those guys who stand on the corner and flip “cards” in your face)
  8. Miami (Esto no puede ser lo que mi amigo)
  9. Hotlanta
  10. Htown (don’t agree)
  11. San Juan PR
  12. SFO – ranked #7…
  13. DFW (don’t agree)
  14. Beantown – ranked #4…(got a bad rap here)
  15. DC – ranked #3…(can’t Michelle do anything about this?)
  16. Sam Anne Tonio – ranked #14…(not true)
  17. Orlando – ranked #12…(what would Mickey say?)
  18. Cheecago – ranked #10…(Should be ranked higher)
  19. KC (who goes to KC besides me?)
  20. Anchorage (there aren’t enough people and trash to go around)

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