High Gas Prices Fuel Hotel Deals

Hotels across the country are pumping out a wide array of fuel-related discounts to keep high gas prices from letting your summer vacation run on empty.

New York City: At Affinia Manhattan in New York, guests who show a mass transit ticket will be eligible to get a $20 gas card in the “Take a Pass on Gas” promotion that begins this month.

Napa Valley, Calif.: At Napa Old World Inns bed and breakfast, guests who carpool will be given a two-bedroom suite for the priceof a standard room through July.

San Antonio: The Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency hotels plan “Fuel Your Stay” in June. The deal will give guests up to a $75 credit for hotel incidentals, including food, beverage and parking expenses, based on their mileage on the way to the hotels. Guests must show a copy of a gas receipt, and there is a two-night minimum.

Myrtle Beach, S.C.: Starting June 18, guests renting condos at the Barefoot Resort will be eligible for a $50 gas card and a free night if they book seven-night stays with a Saturday check-in.

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