Starwood Execs Packing For China

How cool would it be if you were a Starwood exec?

Well Starwood announced that it will move its top execs to China for a month so they can immerse themselves in Chinese culture and their ways of doing business.

This announcement also stated that Starwood has more hotels outside of the U.S. than inside and 80 percent of the hotels it plans to open will b outside of North America.

“Starwood is no longer an American company that happens to run some hotels overseas,” CEO Frits van Paasschen said in a statement. “Today, we’re a global company that happens to be based in New York.”

China is Starwood’s fastest-growing market and its largest outside the U.S. The company said it has more than 70 hotels in China with plans for 90 more.

Van Paasschen and seven other top executives will spend June 8 to July 11 in Shanghai. The company said it expects to try similar programs each year in other fast-growing markets, including Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and India.


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