It's all about timing when traveling

Journalist Mark Di Vincenzo, founder of the Business Writers Group, gets into the nitty-gritty of why timing really is everything with his book Buy Ketchup in May and Fly Before Noon. The collection is about 190 pages of tips on when it’s best to do just about anything. Here are some of his travel tips:

Best time of day to fly: noon. According to airline pilots, you will avoid the rush hours and minimize foul-weather delays.

Best day of the week to fly: Saturday. Airlines have fewer flights, meaning shorter lines, fewer delays.

Best month to fly for summer vacation: August. No one knows why, but flight delays are fewer than in June or July.

Best day of the week to shop for airline tickets: Monday or Tuesday, when airlines roll out the best deals.

Best day of the week to rent a car: Tuesday or Wednesday. Most business travelers already have their cars, and you will beat the rush by city dwellers who want a car for the weekend.

Best day of the week for a hotel upgrade: Sunday or Monday, the slowest days.

Best month to book a cruise: April or November. That’s when you can catch the repositioning cruises. The drawback is that these often are trips with few port calls.

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