Cost of summer vacations on the rise…not at Hotelmine

In today’s New York Times there was an article that stated “Many travel companies are dropping the promotions they launched during the recession to dredge up sales. So the cost of summer vacation is on the rise.”

We here at HotelMine have a much different outlook as it relates to the cost of travel.

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When you book a guest room on HotelMine you’ll be dealing directly with the hotel and not a third-party.  As a direct online distribution channel, HotelMine will be able to pass along the savings to its’ Members instead of lining the pockets of third-party indirect channel that will be raising prices.

Our hotel partners will have the opportunity to share or create a variety of promotions and when a Member sees something that suites their taste or budget, they’ll book direct by calling the hotel or through the hotel’s website booking engine.  Should their be a problem with your reservation, you will deal directly with the hotel and not an ‘800’ customer service representative.

Let the savings begin June 1st!


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