Are Hotels Blowing Leads?

Michael Ferree, Account Director with Geary Interactive, published an interesting article entitled “How marketers are blowing lead management” on today’s iMedia Connection website. 

Ferree suggests that a study performed by lead management software company Leads360 exposed a number of important facts about performance-marketing and lead management. One important statistic shows that converting a lead is 57 percent lead quality and 43 percent an efficient sales process.  One without the other is not the answer.

So how does this apply to the hospitality industry?  Prospective customers are shopping for a hotel and in many cases they are truly undecided about which hotel best addresses their needs, and they need help deciding. 

All of the major OTAs offer robust hotel information on their websites but don’t give a telephone number where a prospective customer can speak to a hotel representative.  When we placed a random call to a local full-service hotel (their site provided an 888 number which was associated with a call center) there was no one available to take our call and we were prompted to leave a message. 

Call abandoned, blown lead.

The goal is to speak to a prospective customer while they’re interested in being assisted and can potentially be converted into a booking.  Contact speed and professional staff are the two most important factors in managing this initial contact.  A minute later, or in our case three minutes later, a customer will lose interest and give their business to your competitor.


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  1. Isidra Jakovac
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