Bark Group Releases Neuromarketing Technology

Bark Group Inc. today released information about the revolutionary neuromarketing technology it will be using in future marketing campaigns.

Through its strategic alliance with brain research company Mindmetic, Bark is developing neuromarketing research technology that can interpret and decode people’s emotional responses when they are presented with different communication messages.

Researchers show videos to participants and gauge their reactions by tracing eye movements, detecting reactions in the skin, and measuring reactions and the cortical region of the brain, which plays a key role in memory, attention, awareness, liking, and pre- and post-consciousness. Through use of sophisticated measurement devises and algorithms, the technology captures, processes, and interprets brain activity to reveal true emotional responses to marketing stimuli. This enables marketers to zero in on exactly which images, colours, sounds, and words elicit which emotional reactions in consumers.

Bark leverages this research and uses it in its marketing campaigns, giving it a scientific edge on the competition, and further ensuring the efficacy and success of if its campaigns, by delivering more impact for less spending.

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